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I am well aware that IUDM committee Interviews are coming up this week. I know going from a dancer to a committee member, I had no idea what to go out for. Thinking of what my favorite part of the marathon was, obviously I thought of the line dance, which led me to morale. However, as the insiders know, morale committee members are crazy, and awesome, but the interviews are intense. Recollecting on my interview last year, I thought I would share my experience for whoever stumbles on this article. Cheers.

To set the scene. IUDM Morale is the elite of the IUDM family. Aside from the exec council and yada yada yada. But they are the hardest committee to get on, and the interviews are always really weird and uncomfortable. They try to be mean to you, and stretch you from your comfort zone. Also, it is highly encouraged to dress up like a crazy person. If you look at my earlier post, you will see what I wore. Oh yes. In case you are too lazy, I wore hot pink converse with knee high purple and neon yellow socks. I wore running leggings of a CRAZY color pattern. Then I had a pink and blue tutu on top of a swim suit and a neon orange bra. I wore a neon ish necklace, and a neon pink hat. Yes, I walked across campus in this ensemble. Needless to say. I looked hot. Anyways, here’s what happened in my interview…

I walk in and say hello really loudly. There are 3 interviewers. They all looked bored out of their minds, and are pretending to be sleeping or texting. I start making awkward small talk, like how they are doing, is the couch comfortable, are they sleepy, stupid stuff like that. Then the male interviewer says, “Do you wanna be interviewed or do you want to keep making awkward small talk?” Obviously, I’m there for the interview, so then he says, “Wake me up.” So I stand over him and scream as loud as I can.

Then he asks me to draw a picture of what the 2 other girls (interviewers) and a koala would look like if they were mixed. I drew it, and then I had to explain it. It was an awful picture.

“What’s the most disgusting sound you can make?” Let’s see… I made a combination of a pig eating out of a slop bucket, while snorting? It was narrsty.

Then he asked me some serious questions, and if I liked the line dance. Of course I did, it’s my favorite part. I had practiced it for the interview just in case this came up. So they asked me to do my favorite part. My mind goes absolutely blank. I can’t remember the music, I can’t remember the tune, I am stuck. So I stand there shaking around like an idiot.

Next he asked me if I had ever done an inkblot test. No, I hadn’t. So he says he’s going to show me pictures and say the first thing that pops in my head. “Scribbles” “Moustache” and then, a picture of a penis. “Penis” He laughed. Yes. I could say it. I win.

Then he asked me if I liked movies, and what my favorite movie was. I am in love with Stepbrothers. I quote it on the daily. Then he asks me to reenact a scene. All memories flood from my brain. I cannot think of any scene or any quote. So I pretend to hit someone with a bicycle. Then I sit down and silently and internally shame myself.

He asked me if I had any unique talents. I showed him something cool I could do with my tongue, but that’s really I got going for me. He asked for something else, and I said I could hopscotch. EVERYONE can hopscotch. I do not know why I said that, but it was the first thing out of my mouth. Then this “I’m sorry. I wish I could fart with my armpit or something, but I can’t.” So what do I do next? Attempt to fart with my armpit. Does it work? Absolutely not.

Then another serious question. What are some skills I could bring to morale or any other committee. I say, “I’m loud, funny, good with people, and I can type stuff.” Really. I can type stuff is one of my skills that make me stand out? I am an embarrassment. So then someone on exec walks in and my interviewer tells me to tell him my skills. And he laughs at me for having type stuff in my top 3. I honestly could not think of any special skills I had! Nothing came to my mind! Nada. I’m so dumb. The one serious question I mess up. GAH.

So then they ask if I have any questions. Only what their interviewers made them do. But they can tell that story.

The last “question” was what sound does a turtle make? Well let me tell you. I am a Pet Shop Story fanatic on the iPhone, so I actually knew what sound a turtle makes. Yeah. Suck on that one. FYI it sounds kind of like a purr/growl thing. But yeah.

On my way out, he asks me to pretend that I have an injury. I could get it on my way out, but as long as it is something good. So I leave dragging my leg behind me and moaning like an amputee.

What an experience.

Well, I ended up on Marketing and loved it. So even if you don't wind up getting morale, no matter what committee you are placed on will be a great time.

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.

this is what I looked like.

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