IU Orientation Memories and Helpful Hints

My orientation experience last year was a blast... after I got over the tricky stuff. It was a good experience, and obviously necessary since it is how you register, but I learned stuff too. Alright, so moving on to the stuff I remember.

Upon arrival.... no one knows anyone anyway, so reach out. There will be a big group of freshman sitting on the stairs waiting for the tour or whatever to start. Keep in mind that everyone is in the same boat as you. Yes, you feel awkward, but so do they. So reach out to people! Make some friends! I actually met one of my best friends at Orientation last year. We turned out to be very similar. The point of that is to not try to act like you are cooler than everyone else. Move on from high school. You will soon learn that no one cares how popular you were in high school. See that hottie across the steps from you? Crack a joke. Maybe you'll make a friend. Besides, these people are the numbers you will have when you get to IU (along with your high school friends, but don't be afraid to break out) and you can text them to go to cool Welcome Week stuff with you. So long story short- talk to people and be super friendly. It'll make life easier.

It's okay to wear your lanyard during Orientation... but that's it. Wearing a lanyard duirng the school year is a dead giveaway that you are a freshman. So do it while (basically) the only people that are on campus are freshman too!

Make sure you have all outstanding fines paid off. I took some high school classes for IU credit, and apparently one of my lovely parents forgot to pay something along the way. Then some scary lady told me I wouldn't be able to register because I didn't have my fines taken care of. So, because I was running on lack of sleep, obviously I started crying in the Teter lobby. So do yourself a favor, make sure your things are in order. =]

The day that you are scheduled to schedule classes do your hair and get enough sleep. This is because this is also the day that you get your ID picture taken, and that will stick with you for the next 4 years. Trust me, I made this mistake. See the above paragraph, but my eyes were red and puffy for my picture, and because it was really hot I had my hair in a ponytail. Normally that's fine and dandy, but in pictures, I look like a bald older man when my hair is up. I tried to work it and swung my hair to the side. So just try and not follow my example. But then at the same time, awful registration pictures make good memories and awesome stories. So if you wanna look swag, do it. But if you don't care, do that. Then you and your friends (see paragraph 2) can laugh at you or compliment you. Either way, it'll be awesome.

Also, do all the activities. The night tour, the pizza party, and whatever else they offer that I forget. Just do it. You can bond with fellow freshman and stuff. Or you know what, don't. It's totally up to you. Welcome to freedom, and welcome to college.

For my orientation, me and my friend Mary (the awesome twin I found and kept in touch with throughout the year) bonded right away. We stuck together and met some pretty weird people, but that's the fun part of college. You meet all kinds of people. Anyways, on the night walk they kept asking us these crazy questions that I won't share, but it was quite a funny night walk. If I remember correctly, we had breakfast the next day too. See? Friends for life. Met at orientation.

That's what i recall fondly from my orientation experience. Make yours memorable too.

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