IU Department of Psychology and Brain Science's 125th Anniversary!

On Friday, the Psychology and Brain Sciences Department celebrated their 125th birthday! What that means is that all of the psychology students' classes were canceled, and the psych department threw a big event, including speakers, lunches, a statue unveiling, the whole shebang. They invited alumni and speakers to speak at events for faculty and students alike. Basically- a bunch of faculty and about 10 students, myself being one of them.

I started off by going to the unveiling of the nation's largest statue of an anatomically correct brain. That's right folks. Step right up and come and see it. The brain is actually really cool, and it is sculpted out of Indiana limestone, like most of IU's campus.

{The suspense must be killing you}

At this ceremony, the provost gave quite an amazing speech. She made me really excited to be a psychology student at the nation's longest standing psychology program. Some truly amazing psychologists have walked these hallowed halls- like BF Skinner- the behavioral psychologist. He did some pigeon studies [shown in this clip] and I found out the way he got pigeons for these experiments- he would leave his window open to his laboratory, and when birds flew in, he would save them. Overall, he was kind of out there, but he made great breakthroughs in psychology, and IU is very proud.

You don't have to watch this, but if you're looking for what I'm talking about, that's it.

After the brain unveiling, they had an undergraduate career roundtable, where you could choose from 5 different psychological fields and ask questions with people who are working in the field. They fed us really good Aver's pizza too, which I did not complain about. I chose the clinical roundtable and talked with 2 very interesting professionals. I really like the amount of career building opportunities IU has to offer if you look for them. Knowing that I won't go into the "real world" completely blind is somewhat reassuring.

That's my quick and very brief wrap-up of what events I attended.

And the moment you've been waiting for- THE BRAIN!!!

Also- I saw a lot of my professors here, and got a good chance to schmooze with them. 4.0 here I come.

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