Initiation and Triathlon

Two weekends ago I was really busy. I was initiated into my chapter, Alpha Gamma Delta, a sorority here on campus. I learned all about some secrets and stuff that I obviously cannot share with you guys. But if any girls are reading this and if you decide to rush (DO IT!!!) and end up joining my house, then you may get to learn them too!

Side Note- Rushing a sorority or a fraternity, in my experience thus far, is an awesome opportunity. For guys, rushing is super easy but pledging is hard, and for girls, rushing is kind of challenging, but pledging is easy. I cannot speak from experience with fraternity's rush... obviously, but sorority rush is a long process. (There are 4 "parties" where you go around to each chapter, which narrows down as you go, and you speed date girls essentially to see which house you like best. By the process of mutual selection, you then pick what you like, and they pick you back. If you rush, there will be more info sessions on that later. =] )

So anyway, I got initiated. Which is a huge deal. I got to wear a white dress and be doted on because I'm a "baby." That's all the details I'm giving on that.

The very next day, I got to participate in an indoor Triathlon that the IU Swim Club hosted. I am on the swim club, so I was supposed to volunteer to help work it, however I signed up to do it instead. It was so much fun. By that, I mean it was pretty hard, but I had fun while it was happening. There were two levels- the cream (600m swim, 8 mi bike, 3 mi run), and the crimson- (300m swim, 4 mi bike, 1 mi run) to choose from. I did the macho level, the cream. I made it in juuusssstttt over an hour. 1:00:12. I got 4th place in the women's division too, so that was exciting. I strongly encourage anyone who likes athletic activity to participate next year. You don't have to love running or swimming either. It is for everyone, truly.

I guess it's 2 weeks ago now that I was "in school" because Spring Break was this week, and I was slammed with last minute schoolwork that professors like to assign so I couldn't post. It is coming to be the last Saturday of Spring Break, which saddens me, but I am also ready to get back to campus. I've enjoyed the home cooked meals and sleep, but Little 5 and semi formal are just around the corner.

I hope you've enjoyed this post, and if you are on spring break like me, I hope you had a good one!

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