How to Live with Roommates

You’re roommate may be the worst person in the world, or the weirdest, but I can guarantee that you are no angel yourself, no matter how perfect you believe yourself to be. It’s getting to be about that time where your roommate is probably driving you nuts. It’s fine, it happens to everyone. I have had a couple different roommates, but I still don’t know everything. Shocking, I know. So here are some of my helpful tips and tricks.

  • Apologize first. It helps smooth over tension. You have to live there after all.
  • Try not to be dramatic. Yes, they are the worst, but put yourself if their shoes and you will see that you are being ridiculous. It’s only sharing pens for Pete’s sake.
  • Talk about things openly. If the air conditioning is bothering you, talk to your roommate before you let things get so built up that it becomes a personal vendetta. (Once had a roommate who turned on the heat in the middle of the summer… sometimes things just need to be said.)
  • Keep things in your space. Even if you are messy try to keep them contained in one area.
  • Don’t spill your negative emotions on them. You will have bad days, but try not to take it out on those close to you.
  • Let things go. I do stuff to annoy my roommate all the time, accidentally of course, but they just let it roll of their back. I give them the same courtesy.
  • Be considerate. Respect is a two way street. Be the bigger person and lead by example.
  • Try to see things from their side before getting mad. Then adjust accordingly.
  • Grow up.

If you and your roommate are two peas in a pod, I extend my congratulations. If not, it’s not the end of the world. Life goes on.

Peace, love, and roommates.

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