How Irene Improved my Wednesday

If you have never had a class with Irene Vlahos-Weber, register right now. Actually you probably can't get in, because it's past the deadline, and she is also super popular. She is a professor in the psychology department, and she teaches intro, P101, abnormal, P324, and is the co-leader of the TA program. I am lucky enough to have stumbled into her class as a freshman and fell in teacher love. Currently I get to see her 4 days a week because I am in her abnormal class, and her TA seminar. SCORE.

To the point of this post- today I went to talk to her after class because I was having a sort of 20 year-life crisis. I started my internship with some "at risk" kids last week, and it has been very overwhelming so far. I was talking to her about it and she just put me right at ease. She talked through with me why these kids are probably acting out, and why I am taking it personally. (I have been pretty successful at things in general, and not being good at something or accepted right away is overwhelming for my brain to handle). In other words, just because a kid throws Legos at me doesn't mean I actually did anything wrong. Then she handed me the cutest notebook ever and told me to start writing down my experiences and everything I do. It will help me in the long run, she said. Then when I am ready to apply to graduate school, she is going to help me work on my VITA (or something, I have no idea, and she made me promise I wouldn't start working on grad school applications yet). Basically she helped me change my perspective about my semester long internship (on day 2) from something a little shaky to something positive. I will actually learn something from this semester.

The morale of the story- find teachers who you can connect with and who inspire you. Then stalk them at office hours and get to know them. Surrounding yourself with people who are high achieving will make you want to be high achieving too.

This is my gift.

ALSO- don't go around asking Irene for presents or favors. You have to EARN THEM. And find your own cool teacher- I'm kind of selfish and I don't like sharing. ;] At least until I graduate. Just kidding.

Peace, Love, and Resolved Panic

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