Dinosaurs, Hot Wheels, and Egypt... In 2 Days

Over Spring Break I was given the opportunity to be an extern at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. It's the worlds largest children's  museum, and it's here in our capital city. As a kid, I LOVED the children's museum. It's pretty much the coolest place ever. I heard about the externship program in a class last semester, and I knew I wasn't doing anything over spring break, so I applied. We have an awesome Career Development Center that provides really cool opportunities. Leading the busy life that I do, I knew I did not have time for an internship this semester. This was a great way to get a sneak peak into the world of the Children's Museum that ordinairy visitors don't get to see.

On the first day, we met with the intern coordinator who talked to us for a while before we went on a museum tour. The tour was by a current intern who took us through all the gallery's and we got to talk to some of the people working there.

(Oh it's just Bumblebee- the actual movie prop. No big deal)

Then we ate lunch with the current interns and got to pick their brains about what it was really like being an intern there. From what they said, it is awesome. They get their own projects to work on, a mentor to guide them through the experience, and they get to be at the children's musuem all day. They are treated like real staff members and are not just assigned their mentor's busy work. That sounds like a real gig to me.

After lunch, we were given 2 projects to do. I know- work over Spring Break. But it wasn't bad at all. Our projects consisted of watching a few short videos about intern life that the museum wants to put on their website to attract future participants. Then we had to write down things we thought could use improvement and how to change them. The other project was about applying our major in the Museum galleries. This was super fun because we were able to focus on 3 galleries and just hang out there for a while. We observed how people were interacting with the galleries and also introspected on how we would use our major here. As a psychology major, I had to think a little harder because it's not as immediately apparent as with, say, an anthropology major. I chose the Take me There Egypt gallery, the Power of the Children gallery, and the Carosel Wishes and Dreams gallery (mainly for the mirrors).

(Yeah, I went to Egypt over Spring Break- what did you do?)

On the second day we networked like crazy. We talked to 5 different people about what aspects of their job were like and were able to ask questions. We also got to see the museum's PRIVATE COLLECTIONS. Yes, I got to see things that aren't on display, like a stuffed leopard, old jukebox, and a first edition Barbie Doll. Pretty much, it was awesome.

After our shadowing and tour, we presented the projects we worked on the day before, and that was it. It's hard to describe how fun it was, because I got to hang out at the coolest place in Indianapolis for two days. I took some cool pictures, so I will let them do the talking.

Just hanging with the dinosaur.

The entrance to the Hot Wheels exhibit!

Me and this crocodile are hanging out in Egypt.

Fireworks of Glass

Fireworks of Glass from Below

This stuff was all in the bedroom of Ryan White. Notice the IU memorabilia in the corner. This exhibit really touched my heart because of my connection to Ryan with IU Dance Marathon. It was a cool gallery because it empowered children to make a difference now, instead of waiting until they are older. 


That's me and my spring break painted nails touching a real dinosaur bone.

It was an awesome experience, and I strongly encourage you to check it out!

Peace, Love, and Dinosaur Bones

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