Canning Courtesy

In my last post I talked a little bit about Indiana University Dance Marathon (IUDM). Part of being a dancer or committee member, or a part of IUDM is canning. Which means that we are the people holding the red Riley buckets asking you for money on Kirkwood. Many other organizations do this, I know my service frat, Alpha Phi Omega cans every year for their Rubber Duck Regatta. I know my sorority, AGD cans for our philanthropy to benefit Juvenile Diabetes. I've seen other chapters can, and other organizations. Being on the Indiana University campus YOU WILL SEE CANNING. Speaking from experience, I am here to give you some common canning courtesies.

1. Carry some spare change with you. Pennies can actually make a difference. And putting something in the bucket will help you walk away guilt free.

2. Look the canners in the eye. We know that you probably don't want to give us any money, but it makes us feel less than human to look have made eye contact.

3. Please show interest in our cause, but have some backing to it. Don't have a 5 minute conversation with us about how much you love Riley Hospital, or the Wonderlab, or that your mom had breast cancer to just not donate. A nickel even.

4. Turn your heads towards us when we speak to you. I will just shout louder if I think you're ignoring me.

5. Don't make jokes. Last year I used to ask if they took IBucks.... being on the receiving end I can tell you, it is not funny.

6. Yes we know you only have a debit card with you. We've heard that excuse millions of times.

7. It is okay to not have any money, or to not want to donate, but spare us the rudeness. I've heard things like, "I hate kids," and "I never want to donate to (such and such)". It's rude. It's painting Bloomington, and Indiana University in a bad light. Just be polite and we will return the favor.

8. Saying, "not right now," gets annoying. "No thank you" is a much better alternative.

I hope that doesn't sound pushy. I just went canning on Saturday night at a bar for 3 hours and made $271.35 for Riley, so I am pumped. I just thought I would causally share some courtesy!

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