An IU College Profile For Thought

Hey there loyal readers.

This article was posted on the babies page for my pledge class. I thought it was comical. It outlines the types of guys, gals, and activities at IU that doesn't actually relate to academics. Don't get offended or turned off of IU if you don't agree. It's one person's opinion. There is 6578951321 things to do here and people to meet. =] just thought I would share!

Peace, love, Little 5.

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Michaella BeattyPsych Major, AGD, IUDM Marketing, Volunteer, Artist

I am a senior studying Psychology at Indiana University, with a minor in studio art and Spanish. I am looking at going into School Counseling

I am involved in so many things on campus! I am on the Marathon Relations Committee for Indiana University Dance Marathon (nation's 2nd larget student run philanthrophy, ndb). I am an initiated sister of Alpha Gamma Delta (shoutout to my squirrels!). I am also an initiated member of Alpha Phi Omega, which is a service fraternity I am on the Swim Club, I volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club in the art room, and a blogger for

I am a very active member of our campus, and am excited to share some of my experiences with you!