A Quick Glance at Foster and Wright Dorms at IU

Here it is, the long awaited dorm experience from yours truly. To start off, I had two very different experiences in the dorms. I don't know how helpful this will be, but here you have it. I'll go chronilogically so you can follow. =]

First semester, I stayed in Foster-Magee with a roommate who did not like me. In fact, I would use the term loathe. Right off the bat, we clashed. We didn't talk, and it was stressful living together. I ended up crying about it a lot, and I have no shame in that looking back now. Foster is an awesome place to live. It's not too far of a walk away from classes, and there is a stop on the A route AT FOSTER. Not only is the transportation convenient, but Gresham (dining hall) is scrumptious. But my favorite part was probably the ice cream shop in the "basement." Also, to narrow it in, the bathrooms in Foster are actually pretty nice. At least in Magee where I stayed, it's all something that you don't get completely grossed out about showering where you now live.  I really liked living there if the facilities were all I had to go off of.

To get out of a bad roommate situation (they can't all be winners), I transfered to Wright Quad. It was one of the better decisions I made. If you go off of the facilities alone, you will probably like Foster better, I'm gonna be honest. But Wright was amazing. The people in Central neighborhood seem to be of a different attitude then those in the Northwest neighborhood, and even the Southeast. You'll figure out that on your own. Now Wright is a non-airconditioned dormitory... and during the blazing heat of Welcome Week, that is not a welcome feature. However, I was lucky enough to have air conditioning and moved when it was still nice. So if you do end up living in Wright, pack about 8 fans. You'll be glad you did. Anyways, Wright has probably the biggest cafeteria on campus (If you remember from your IU tour as high schoolers, you ate here. I always get a kick out of watching high school kids when I eat there. You will too.) and Charley Bigg's is a selling point for many. It also is equipped with a C-store (Convenient store, oh you're so young) that sells the best cookies I've ever eaten. They are warm, and mouth watering, and just yes. I know you are dying to know, how was my roommate? Well we ended up being two peas in a pod. We got along splendidly and things turned out great. In fact, she will be an RA in Wright next year! So if you have an awesome RA named Emily, tell her Michaella says "yo."

These are my two experiences, but no matter where you live, it is what you make it. If you want to have a blast, then you will find ways to have a blast. Just put a positive spin on the crappy aspects of dorm life (like shower shoes and cinderblock walls) and you will be lovin' life. Good luck!

This is me and my roommate in our dorm room at Wright!

See? Look at how fun dorm living can be! (This is the rubber that fell off of Rose's door!)

Yes- you will become a family to the girls (and boys) on your floor. Look forward to moments like this. Haha

I hope that was insightful for you.

Peace, love, Hoosiers

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