Little 500 - The Greatest College Weekend of Them All!

Bikes: they’re everywhere.  Yesterday while holding my little red bucket for IUDM, I noted tons of bikers, and this morning in my French Film/Culture class, we read a short story about biking.

Is it a coincidence that it was also qualifications this weekend for Little 5? I think not.

Basically, Little 5 is the greatest college weekend.  After my experiences with quals, it’s safe to say that my anticipation for April 15th continues to grow.

I’m quite excited to see the actual bike race, although I must admit, I’m pretty hyped up to attend a few concerts.  Huge names like Tiesto, Alesso, Mac Miller, Kid Cudi, and Sublime are just a few. There's a concert for everyone, techno, rap, and rock. Everything about Little 5 gets me excited.          

Little 5 is the reason I’m attending all my classes this semester; after all, I have to use my absences wisely - aka the week of Little 5.

Now, this will be my first actually Little 5 experience as a student.  But I have experienced Little 5 two previous times in high school.  Junior and senior year my friend Claire and I would come down and root for Fiji at the bike race.  Her older brothers would ride, and it was such a cool thing to behold.  Never had I ever seen so many students just look like they’re having so much fun. 

Even though I was physically there, I look forward to actually being able to be a part of this spectacle as a student. Nothing brings our campus together, quite like Little 5 does. A week to have fun with your friends, and celebrate going to the best school ever. Sounds like an amazing time. Some alumni may even make an appearance; I know some of my family members who graduated from IU plan on it. 

To anyone that wants to watch an inspirational movie, and learn a little more about Indiana’s tradition check out Breaking Away. Fun fact: the guy in the yellow shirt buying a car at the beginning was Beta’s president when my Dad was here. 

Little 5 mania is everywhere; hope everyone’s prepared. 

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