5 Essentials Apps to Make Your Life at IUB a Little Easier

As an IUB student, here is a list of apps I find useful.

1. IU Mobile

What isn't a more important app than IU Mobile? It is a one-stop application that gives you access to most important tools such as Umail, Oncourse, Canvas, IU Bursar Pay, Bus Schedule and others.

The app is user-friendly. To perform a task, you can easily use the search bar of “What would you like to do?”. For example, if you are interested in checking the final exam schedule, you can type “Exam”, and several relevant searches will pop out. Also, the tasks are separated into “Most Popular” and “Highest Rated”. For instance, during the beginning of the semester when students are not familiar with their class schedules, “My Class Schedule” will be easily found under “Most Popular”. During the end of a semester, “Grades” will be one of the most popular tasks. The separation of tools based on the frequency of use during each time period has definitely made things a lot easier for us!

Also, IU Classifieds can no longer be found under OneStart. So where to access Classifieds? One.IU, which can be accessed through the IU Mobile app!

2. DoubleMap

For those who take public transportation to campus, DoubleMap is a necessity. It is an application that includes many transportation agencies from the United States. To begin using the app, you have to first select relevant systems, which are Indiana University Bloomington and Bloomington Transit. The selection of these two systems allows you to access the real-time bus tracking for all buses in Bloomington. This includes campus buses like A and E, as well as Bloomington Transit buses like 6 and 9.

*The image does not represent the real-time tracking from Indiana University Bloomington*

3. TapRide

Heard of the IU Safety Escort? IU Safety Escort is used to receive service requests by phone call. However, to schedule a ride today, you have to do it through the TapRide app. In the app, you have to first select your location, Indiana University, log in using your IU username and password and schedule a ride by selecting the pick- up and drop off locations. This app also includes a real-time tracking of the IU Escort Van designated for you.

P.S To learn more about the IU Safety Escort, please go to http://safety.indiana.edu/

4. Btown Menus

Where to order food delivery? Use the Btown Menu app! The app includes information such as delivery fees, delivery time and access to different restaurant menus. To start using the app, you have to create a Btown Menus account.    

5. Yik Yak

YIK YAK! Remember to turn on the location services to receive yaks from the Hoosiers! I always have a good laugh over those yaks because they are so relevant and funny at times! It is definitely a great place to feel the Hoosier spirit (especially when there is a game) and see how all Hoosiers come together for a common goal. During some difficult times (like the Dead Week), you can also see how everyone is working hard and know that you are not alone! That always gives me extra energy to hang on and not give up.

Do you have all these apps in your mobile phone? If not, what are you waiting for? Download all of them now. 

About The Author
Wei Xin Ng-

International Student Ambassador 

I am an international student from Malaysia. I am majoring in Finance, from the Kelley School of Business.