The Parent's Guide to End-of-Semester Care Packages

It's the end of the semester and you're just weeks away from welcoming your student home for the holiday. But before they can make it back there's one major hurdle in store for your loved one: finals week. So, naturally, you're going to do what college parents do best and send your kid a care package.

But how do you make sure you send your kid exactly what they need? That's where we come in! We asked current IU Bloomington students for input on the dos and don'ts of end-of-semester care packages.

Do Provide a Pick-Me-Up Snack

Students said they'd love to receive a favorite snack or—even better—a gift card to their favorite spot. If you know when and where your student will be studying during dead week or finals week, you could even order their favorite meal or treat to them as a surprise!

Don't Send Perishable Food

With the pressure of finals week and the rush to get off campus, students said perishable foods sent through the mail won't always get eaten in time for the end of the semester. Unless a student requests a favorite baked good from home, it's best to stick to the packaged foods.

Do Restock Their Supply

The end of the semester can be enough to make a student lose track of time, especially if they are new to college. Students said extra supplies (needs will vary based on a student's course load) are always very helpful! And if you can figure out their textbook needs for the next semester, go ahead and stock those too so they need not worry over holiday break.

Do Make It Personal

You know your student best! What's going to help your kid with their finals week stress? A personalized note? A favorite stuffed animal? Pictures of your family? Include a little bit of home in your care package; just don't make it too embarrassing! 

Don't Send Anything Too Large or Unnecessary

No matter what you send, your care package is going to brighten your student's day. Just be sure to consider their rather small living quarters and remember that less is more. A gift card and a nice letter will go a long way to cheer up your student and won't contribute to room clutter.

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