A Sneak Peek at the New Kelley School of Business Addition

I had the opportunity to go through the new addition of the Kelley School of Business undergraduate building. It looks fantastic. I haven't heard any official word on when it is going to be ready, but it looks like it is could be ready very soon. Here are a few pics to get you fired up for the new school year.

The exterior facade is finished and the fences are coming down. I love how the architecture and limestone fit in with the other buildings on campus.Sure beats a brick rectangle, if you know what I mean.

The tiered classrooms and theatre seating are a huge improvement over the old classrooms with the tiny desk/chair combos where anyone over 5 feet tall has trouble getting in and out of. The outside light makes the classrooms more pleasant as well. Lots of tech getting integrated into these classrooms. Notice the wall mounts for monitors on the back and side walls.

These are some offices on the second floor. Lots of glass walls and doors. Very open, yet affords privacy for conversations with advisors.

I am saving the best for last. This is the lobby that runs along most of the first floor facing 10th Street. Two story windows, lots of hardwood trim, second floor balcony/overlook. Very bright, open, and a great place for students to study, chat, and probably sleep, too.

So, Kelley students, get excited for some brand new digs. It's going to be awesome. Makes me wish I was a Kelley undergrad all over again.

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