I Don't Wanna Go, Mommy! (Pre-Move in Jitters)

As I await my impending ticker-attack about move in (which is two days from now), I may as well share some words of encouragement for my fellow Hoosierookies. I just coined that word...clever, eh? EH?? Guess not...

Well, onto the topic at hand: the anxiety inevitably preceding the leaving of home and going to college. Here's a little snippit from my personal life...I've never been more than a week without my mother A.K.A. Mommykins. So this major adjustment has made me just a tad frightened and shaken. Then I remembered little children gripping their mothers' leg for dear life on the first day of pre-school. They'd cry and yell as if they'd never see mommy again. This would usually repeat for the first few days of school. Then, eventually, the young pre-schoolers would get more comfortable and accustomed to their new settings. Every day would get easier and easier until school simply became a way of life.

Little did I know until now, I'd be facing the same thing all over again, minus the mommy-leg-gripping. The fear and uncertainty is no joke, but it's comforting to know that college will eventually be an essential and normal part of my life. All it takes is time.

"So, Vinny, if you're so durn smart, how does one become ready for such a life changing experience?" Good question, reader. I'll tell you...you CAN'T be fully prepared for the dramatic adjustment. Why? Nobody can ever be 100% ready for the completely unexpected. Sure, getting packed and buying books is a start, but some experiences are meant to be unanticipated. All you can do is prepare your mind for surprises and let time handle the rest. 

So, the first few days to first few weeks will channel your inner pre-schooler. You may have a fit or even shed a few tears. However, just know that you'll survive just like you did when you were a teeny four year old.

Take this with you: For all those with the move in jitters, just...

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I have what one calls a gift of gab so I may as well talk about something worthwhile.  What's more worthwhile than helping my fellow Hoosiers and Hoosiers-to-be? I may not have much wisdom yet (being an incoming freshman and all) but I will do what I can to pass on what I learn to someone else.