How to survive a long plane ride

Summer break is fast approaching. Like most students, I too am flying home for the summer. Unfortunately, my home is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It will take approx. 26 hours to travel from Indianapolis to Kuala Lumpur. That is MORE THAN A DAY! But this isn't my first time flying this route, I have now mastered the ways of surviving a long haul flight. So, if you are planning to take a long flight like me in the summer, here are few tips.

Select a suitable seat.

If you are traveling alone, you have a high probability of sitting next to a stranger. We all don't want to disturb or be disturbed by some one you don't know. So when you select your seats prior to boarding your flight, here is something to consider. If you are a person who leaves his/her seat often during a flight, it is highly recommended that you select an aisle seat. If you are planning to stay in your seat for most the time, then select a center or window seat. 

Don't eat or drink too much before or during the flight.

Yes, it is very important to be hydrated and well fed when you are traveling. But, know your limits, the last thing you would want to have is a bloated stomach and constant visits to the toilet that will most probably have a line throughout the whole flight. 

Keep yourself entertained.

Do you always feel bored on a plane? Do you always ask "are we there yet?" Boredom is probably the biggest obstacle during a long haul flight. But do not worry,there are many things you can do to kill time on a flight. For starters, many airlines today provides personal in-flight entertainment systems for their passengers, they have a great selection of movies, shows, music and games from all genres. Utilize them to your maximum advantage. If you are an avid reader, you may pack some of your favorite books on your trip so that you can read them on the plane. Alternatively, many airlines offer in-flight internet services where you may surf the net on your mobile devices using the on-board WiFi. If you already have a certain movie or show in mind to watch, then you should purchase/download them in advance so that you can watch them later on the plane. If you are planning to use your mobile device for a long period of time on the plane, I would recommend you bring your chargers on-board with you. Certain air crafts now have power outlets built into every seat for you to charge your devices. Last but not least, you can also leave your seat, stretch your legs and explore different parts of the aircraft. Most long haul flights use wide body air crafts, so rest assured, there is plenty of room to walk around. 

Prepare for your connections.

My trip home consists of three separate flights with connections in Chicago and Doha. If you too have a connection on your trip, I would recommend you start prepping your connections early. If your connection time is short, then find out the fastest way to get from your arriving gate to your connecting gate. Know the route you are taking to your connecting gate so that you won't feel lost later in the airport. Complete any necessary travel documents that you might need during your connection. If your connecting time is long, then you might want to consider finding something to do. You may want to explore the airport, or even the city nearby. 

Get a good amount of rest.

Now is your time to finally redeem the hours of sleep you lost during college. Get comfortable in your seat, relax and take a good long nap. Getting some rest during your flight will not only help you to kill time, it will also prevent severe jet lag later. 

That is all I have to say. I hope these pieces of advice will help you on your next flight. Thank you for reading and have a nice day! =)

About The Author
Victor GanInternational Student Ambassador

I am an international student from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am in the graduating class of 2018 & currently majoring in Informatics with minors in Security and Business. I am an International Student Ambassador for the Office of International Services. My hobbies include photography, web designing & traveling . I love to travel to new places & try new foods. I'm also a very sociable person & I would like to use my 4 years of college life to make new friends. So if you have anything you wanna ask me or if you just wanna hang out, hit me up!