A Little About Me.

Hey, I'm Tyler. I am a journalism and Spanish major here at IU. Eventually trying to graduate and get a job in public relations so I am currently sending my resume everywhere to try and get internships.

In highschool I wrote music reviews for the school newspaper, played tennis, and participated in various community service organizations. I chose IU based on the fact that I am an in-state student so it was cheaper than the colleges I wanted to go to out of state. There also are a lot of major options to chose from in my field specifically here in Bloomington.

At first I was really hesitant about going to IU because a lotof people from my high school go here and it was so close to home, but I have really learned to love the school as I'm in my second semester of somphomore year.

Here at IU i am a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America and spend my free time following IU basketball, go hoosiers!

I'll keep this about me short but I plan on blogging about how freshman year is different than sophomore year, good places to live off campus, the basketball games, just whatever pops into my head for the week.

Thanks for reading a little about me!

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