Where We're At

I thought it'd be appropriate to give you a bit of an update on Tree Machine and where we're at before I move on to future posts.  To begin here is a track for you to listen to while you read.  

"The Town Crazies"


A Quick Background

Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt is the first artist we worked with our freshman year at IU.  We recorded in the basement of Eigenmann and in my dorm room over the course of a few weeks.  After we released his debut album, he was signed to Gulcher Records who promoted and distributed the tracks.  Thanks to HIHC I was encouraged to start my own label and Tree Machine began to grow.  I later connected with an old friend, Owen Yonce aka Bonfire John, who came down to Bloomington to record.  We did half the album here and the other half back in our hometown.  After we completed and released his album "Making The Most," everything started to take off.  I owe my thanks to nobody more than these two.

-Check out his tracks along with an EP we did on his band camp.

Where We're At Now

Our latest projects have been a second LP with HIHC and an LP with Hotbreath Tea from Chicago.  We've also been putting together some shows for our most recent artist, The Wailin' Smithers.  Those have been going well as you can see here.  Tons of recordings have been finished lately and have moved into the mastering stages which has been consuming most of my time.  We have also been working to expand our blogs recently adding writer, Dylan Sognalian, who does reviews of recent indie releases.  We're stilling looking for new writers who have a passion for music so shoot me an email if you're interested in what we are doing here.  Look forward to Hotbreath Tea's first release in March and I'll update you here soon.

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