Three Reasons Tree Machine Records Should Be On Your Radar

Much time has passed since my last post on WeAreIU, and though I haven't been too busy, so much has happened and changed in the time between.  I believe my prior blog was during the Summer and wrapped up all of my plans with school, becoming a Junior, living in Btown during Summer break, and intended expectations for my record label.  Now it's almost the end of my first semester of Junior year, and I wanted to share some of the growth of Tree Machine Records as well as my own growth as a student and individual.

I had hoped to record and release multiple albums throughout the Summer, and although this idea didn't go smoothly, I was able to accomplish the background details that made it possible for our upcoming releases in January.  School took over my time along with socializing and a lack of responsibility which is often common at some point during the 4 year experience that is college.  I did pull off 2 A's in my Summer classes which I definitely recommend if you want to boost your GPA.  That said, it's easy to get lazy over the Summer and even a little bummed out.  As school started back up for my Junior year, I was slow starting...but no worries, we have 2 weeks left and I think I'm finally readjusted and thankful too, it being Thanksgiving.  2013 is on it's way...hopefully...and we anticipate a variety of cool albums of different genre and personality.      

As for things we did accomplish: The website is a complete redesign,  we added a rapper from Atlanta and just finished the beats for his first LP, Bonfire John did an official digital release of his album, we built a store for the site, and 'Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt' finished the details for a vinyl release in January.  This will be our 1st official physical release to get the label started.  On top of that we made connections with Scotland based rock band, 'The Imagineers' who appeared on the Late Late show with Craig Ferguson, and we hope to release their 2nd EP with Tree Machine.  They're playing a big show in London coming up and are planning to come to the U.S. next year.  We even talked about maybe having them play at IU and getting a show at The Bluebird or the Buskirk Chumley.
We have a lot to organize and decide, but it could be something big for us!  Also, I didn't mean for this post to just be a sly attempt at sneaking in promotion, so I'm being entirely honest when I say that the whole experience parallels with IU life for students whether current or upcoming.  Whatever you choose to do at IU, I feel it's most important to do what you love.  If you're just here to secure a high paying job, then you're here for the wrong reason.  Whichever major you choose, it should be something that you have fun doing and that you can relate to with the people around you.  It's also important to realize that you can keep your options open.  There's never really anything you can't do, so put the effort forward that is necessary and go out and do it.  I know I'm not exactly a success story, at least not yet (wink wink), but for me the biggest idea to take away from college is that you have choices and you shouldn't be restricted by any one thing.  If you aren't yet sure about your future, then keep the doors open, don't burn down bridges, work hard and never pass up opportunities, and make sure to have fun all the while.  College can be a stressful time, but it doesn't have to be so go out and live!
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