Thoughts On Life And How They Relate To Education At IU

This is kind of a long post, but it holds a lot of value so if you read it at all, read it to the end… As usual here are a couple tracks for your thoughts.  One day I’ll learn to produce great tracks like this, but for now just enjoy a few of my many influences.

....take your pick....

Tree Music: (Titus Andronicus - "A More Perfect Union")   Machine Music: (DJ Shadow - "Midnight in A Perfect World")


I guess this week’s topic for me is ‘perfection’ as the song titles imply.  I’ll leave you with some deep thoughts, but first a little promotion of our next album release intended for before school ends… 

From a friend and fellow IU student, who continues to stay anonymous, we prepare for his second LP.  Although we don’t yet have an album cover or title, eight of the ten songs are complete and they’re our best work yet.  The artist is Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt who we signed to Gulcher Records our freshman year, and you can check out a few of those tracks on his band camp by clicking here.  Also stay updated on his track listing, album cover, and samples here.

...and so I continue...

Deep Thoughts

Stop me if I’m over thinking things, but I have this recent theory that infinite perfection is unattainable.  It’s not much of a theory because I know we all (at least a lot of us) think about it.  For me it translates to my life here at IU and why I chose college over going straight into the work force.  Sure I believe in perfect moments, but with the infinite complexity of human beings, there is bound to be conflict and disagreement, right?  The only way for two people to truly be in perfect agreement is if they are exactly the same, right?  This is the reason we argue, fight, wage wars, and kill…but it doesn’t have to be that drastic.  Can't we be different without the conflict?

For many people hard work and effort are set towards building a better world, and I think that’s why most of us are at college learning and expanding our horizon.  We’ve all seen hardships and we all want to avoid and prevent them in the future.  Often we don’t talk about it because the hardships that most define us hold the deepest place in our minds.

So back to the topic of ‘perfection’…since people will always be in disagreement about the various and vast aspects of life, what can we do to prevent the conflicts?  What can we do to prevent the hardships, angers, sadness, and frustrations spawned from disagreements?  Isn't that the point?  This isn’t a question that can be easily answered, but I can help you get closer to your answer to it.  We’re all different and we all find it in different aspects of life.

All of us go to class almost every day and study hard to make the grades we need.  Many of us do it simply for that reason and to build a good resume for a future job.  For some this is the only reason, not because we don’t want to have purpose, but because our brains grow and change every day and we often become unsure of our intended final destination.  The hardships that define us control our subconscious minds and push us in directions that we later realize were not our intention.  But we learn from these mistakes and we grow.

If perfection isn’t attainable and human differences are inevitable, all we can really do is wake up every day and work toward building a world where those differences can better be understood by everyone.  Google understands this in expanding knowledge, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media companies understand this in celebrating individuality, many of our teachers understand this in prompting new perspectives, the Civil War understood this, the Civil Rights Movement understood this, the Women’s Rights Movement understood this, Titus Andronicus understood this, DJ Shadow!, Modest Mouse, Eminem, countless other musicians that I can't take the time to list!!...etc. etc. etc. etc.

…so the grand conclusion.! What’s my point!?!??  I guess what I’m trying to say is realize the strengths that you have built up around your greatest weaknesses and use them to promote ideas that celebrate differences and demote ideas that deny positive differences.  Work hard here at IU to learn and understand those around you that you didn’t previously understand.  We all came here from all over America and even some from foreign nations so it's obvious we won't agree on everything.  Be yourself and when you have a great idea to promote happiness, keep record of it, and share it with the world so you and they, never forget it.  

Also for an excellent example of brilliant records of deep thoughts I encourage you to buy and listen to “The Moon & Antarctica” by Modest Mouse.  In fact it is the album I was listening to while organizing my thoughts into this post. 

…sorry for the ramble, I really will get back to record label stuff next post.  Also if anyone is skilled at graphic design or Photoshop and would like to help with our website background, shoot me an email.    I have the ideas, but not the talent.  Also if you are interested in writing, we are looking to expand our blogs. ( That is all, have a great day and enjoy Little 5.

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