The World Has Turned: How IU Classes Can Make You Think

"The world has turned and left me here..."

Yesterday I found myself sitting in anthropology when the instructor asked the class, "If you could have one of three things, what would you choose?  Money, Prestige, or Power? To my surprise I was one of two that raised their hand for 'prestige.'  We both looked around, confused that we were the only ones.  A few others went with power and the remaining majority of the class (literally 90%), raised their hands for 'money.'  It was then I remembered why the first post of this blog was titled, I Want A Revolution.  We truly need 'change' in this world...maybe Obama couldn't completely figure it out, but at least he had the right intention and at least he tried, succeeding in numerous aspects of our own lives.  Recently, change is happening everywhere and it's happening fast in government, technology, health, medicine, education, and media more than anything.  Everyday I read about new advancements that will have major impacts on our lifestyle in the near future.

I'm also taking a class called Media Life with instructor, Mark Deuze, who is a media fanatic and really knows what he's talking about.  We discuss the influence media has on our everyday lives and how it affects us in ways we usually aren't aware of.  It's a highly intellectual class and always leaves me questioning myself and everything around me when I leave.  I recommend it for anyone interested in Telecommunication or just media in general (T101).  

This takes me back to the 'money, power, or prestige topic.'  I looked up a definition just to make sure I wasn't misunderstanding this and found, "The level of respect at which one is regarded by others."  The majority of us, at least in a random class of about 100 people, truly care more about having a lot of money than a lot of respect.

To me this means that the people in our society's future who will be controlling the economy will be those who don't care about being respected.  I don't know about you, but with all that's going on in our nation that is a pretty scary thought.  All I can do is hope that in the future, those people aren't the ones in control of the massive organizations in media and government that have influence on the rest of us.  To me, the biggest impact on the future well-being of our nation and our world is through media and the extensive trickle down from the men and women who control those industries.  All I ask of you is to be aware of these intricate factors of society and to actively participate in influencing them...or just listen to my songs...either makes me happy. :)

Here's one more track to help you relax and reflect. Enjoy! "Convinced of a Craze" - Magic MAchine

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