The Record Label Aside: My Life At IU, For Future Students

I thought I'd spend a post talking about my college life at IU, considering the purpose of this site.  Although my attempt at starting a record label is a big part of my daily life in Bloomington, more of my time goes to academics, at least recently.  Hopefully this post will give you an idea of some of the options IU has for you and the ways you have to manage your time to get the most out of it.

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I could start by listing off all the activities that fill up my busy schedule and make you feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities that come with building a future for yourself, but it just wouldn't get the point across.  If you do care enough to read this, it's probably because your curious about your options, not because your curious about me.  So with that said, I'll tell you about my experiences in following my dreams and hopefully you can relate in a way that can help you plan your IU future.  

My Freshman Year

I lived in Eigenmann my first year.  I intended to take introductory classes and apply for the recording arts school in Jacob's, but even with all my hard work that just didn't work out.  About 15 students get accepted each year, and I just wasn't one of them.  Freshman year is tough because this can happen, leaving you with no choice but to re-map your future.  I had to decide on a new major, and for me Informatics seemed like the best option.  I still had to finish out my freshman year taking classes that didn't give credit for my new major, but you'd be surprised how much they have impacted my understanding of the material regardless.  If you don't know, informatics is a new major that focuses on technology, media, and design.  It's sort of a hybrid major so it's hard for me to explain it exactly.  Anyway, I moved on through my freshman year passing through the normal experiences you would expect from college life.  I won't go into detail; you can find out the hard way.

My Sophomore Year

I'm currently a sophomore finishing up the year and stressing to get homework done.  Sophomore year is tough, especially if you move into your own place.  I currently live with two other roommates.  The responsibilities are tough, but the freedoms are even tougher.  Expect to hate each other at times, but that always passes, so no worries.  Make sure to move in with people who you know will carry their weight.  This wasn't hard for me because I've know these guys since elementary school, but there are tons of options for finding roommates.  For example the IU classifieds can help you find people looking for housing.  I guess my only real advice for sophomore year is to stay focused on your goals while still enjoying the freedoms.


Right now I'm working as a delivery driver at Opie Taylor's.  Their burgers are too good, so make sure you don't miss an opportunity to try one or attempt the two-pound double tank burger.  Managing work and school is tough.  If you end up having to do both just make sure to schedule times to get all your homework done and you shouldn't have too much trouble.  Now that I do have a job, It's much harder to find free time.  

The biggest piece of advice I can give is to not waste the time you have in your first two years of college.  I haven't experienced junior and senior year yet, but I can tell you that you just get more and more busy.  If you want to succeed, you obviously have to work hard, but also put your initial assumptions about college behind you and do what you want to do, not what social norms make it seem like you have to do.  Get the most out of college that you can because you'll only be here for four years...hopefully.


Next year I plan to pick up a business minor which could possibly help with the record label stuff.  I actually have to register for classes later today.  I look forward to the free time I'll have this summer and the new house I'll be living in next year with our band.  Hopefully the record label progresses and everything goes well.

...that's all I got and I need to hurry to my next class.  Hopefully that can help you out; I'll return to record label stuff in future posts.

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