Summer Begins, These Posts Conclude: Bloomington In The Off-Season

This year is finally coming to an end, and though it seems to have flown by, a lot has happened.  Sophomore year has been a huge learning experience and I'm glad to have spent it at IU.  I still have to study for four finals next week, but I thought this post would be a good chance to explain what the end of the year is like.  Little 5(fun an festivities) happened last week and was followed by "dead week"(a week of minimal homework and mostly studying) which just ended. Now is the weekend where deciding to study or not to study has a huge impact on your final grades for the year.  It's the time where you get a chance to either make up for all the slacking you've done, or just maintain the grades you've earned by acing the finals.  I intend to maintain my three A's, lift a C to a B, and maybe pull off a B+ in my last class.  From last semester, I learned that it is worth it to refrain from partying at least this weekend.  It definitely pays off in the long run.

As for summer, I'll be spending it in Bloomington, working, and taking a couple classes.  This will be my first year staying for the summer.  I've been told that it turns into a ghost town. The way I see it, I'll get a chance to work on all of the projects that I haven't had time for during the year.  Taking classes also gives me an opportunity to free up time during the fall semester and ensure that I can graduate in the expected four years.

I hope to put my extra time into expanding my record label in ways that I wasn't able to during the busy year.  Summer can either be a time to relax or catch up, and I guess for me it's catching least this year.  Tree Machine is planning three new album releases, a big site redesign, growing the blogs, adding new artists to the roster, playing shows throughout Indiana, and possibly working on a documentary.  We have big hopes and big ambitions.  Also, I'll be starting a business minor next year so I think this will be a great way to lay a foundation for something more serious in the future.  

...This is my last post so I wish all current students an awesome Summer, and I hope any prospective students were encouraged to pick IU.  It's a highly academic school with a lot of fun to be had on the side and plenty of activities to be a part of.  Show your support for Tree Machine wherever you can, follow your dreams, and 'Float On!'!/TreeMachinez

"even if things end up a bit too heavy,

we'll all float on"

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