It's Really That Simple: From Hotbreath Tea to IU Basketball

"Humans" by Islands, off their album "Return to the Sea" from Equator Records.

While this track plays in the background, as I hope it does, think about this.  In my opinion there are two types of people in this world: those who live for themselves, and those who live for everyone else.  It's really that simple, so figure out what you're doing wrong and change.  This song speaks insights on that idea just as I hope that our record label does the same.  

Many similar ideals can be found in the next album that we've been working on by artist Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt. Though it may be a bit early to be promoting it, I've grown more and more excited about it as I've been mixing, so I wanted to share that feeling with you.  Here is a poppy demo from the album that we worked on a while back on his Bandcamp page if you'd like to hear what's in store.

Also we have set the release date for Hotbreath Tea's debut, One Hungry Acre for March 27.  Check out our new Facebook page here, and I encourage you to share music related posts and stay connected.  Look forward to a blog update on our page in the next few days including a review of The Shins recent album Port of Morrow

...On a more IU related note, spring break was awesome even though I stayed in Bloomington.  I hope everyone had an awesome time wherever they were and got a chance to enjoy March madness.  There were plenty of upsets and underdog stories so lets hope IU can pull off a win on Friday!

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