I Want A Revolution!

Changing the world one song at time is our goal at Tree Machine Records, and the Beatles are awesome so why wouldn't I post this song.  My name's Zack Anselm from Tree Machine Records and I guess in a way, we are IU, part of it at least.  This is our first post, so check out the website and see what we are all about. Our record label is not only about recording and spreading the work of independent musicians, but also sharing insights on life through some of our favorite indie bands.  

To us, music is more than just entertainment.  It is an evergrowing culture that influences us and the people around us.  At Tree Machine we recognize this and make an effort to share the kind of music that has influenced us most in the past.  We are all students at IU and try to be an active part in the thriving music community here.  IU is also an aweseome school with a lot of opportunity, so we make the most of this and have a fun time doing it.  That's the basic idea of what we do, so I'll leave the rest for future posts.  Look forward to music suggestions and more posts in the future.

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