Finding Truths, Expanding Understanding, and Globalizing Through Education At IU

     It's been a while since I've posted on WeAreIU and some things felt unfinished so I thought I'd post just one more for the Summer.  Things with Tree Machine have slowed down for now and I've been spending most of my time with summer school and work at Opey Taylor's.  I had a chance to go to Dinosaur Jr. and Radiohead in Chicago which were both awesome, along with a lucky opportunity to see the Conan O'brien show.  I definitely recommend setting aside some money for the Summer if you'll be spending it in Bloomington.  It's always good to keep busy when you got too much free time on your hands.  With that said, I've had a lot of free time to think about things and have tried to sum up my perspectives of the modern age.  

Enjoy this fitting track title, and I hope what I have to say can be uplifting.

     ...Your brain works back and forth changing and growing but also with constantly developing, opposing forces of right and wrong, happy and sad, true or false, positive or negative, etc.  With that, growth is the progression toward finding the positve and being able to tell where it is within the constantly changing world around us.  The only real difficulty is in determining the separation between what makes us happy in the present and what will make us happy in the future or the longrun.  But, as long as we are able to continuously increase the amount of time we can see for a positive future, we will always be happy overall regardless of anything.  

     The problem is that we must realize that if we continue to grow in our own vision of happiness, right/wrong, etc., we sometimes do so without noticing how we are impeding the happiness of those around us.  Not to point any fingers, myself included, but following a goal that is positive only for ourselves should never be our goal.  Only by coming together toward one similar vision of happiness can we ensure that all people are happy.  

     What makes us one should be the things in the world that we cannot control, and getting closer and closer to these truths should be our main purpose as both individuals and as a whole.  Specifically knowledge, foundation, history, civilization, the physical world, etc. The things that we can control are what define us as individuals and make us unique so that we can fit into this world and play our own part in achieving these truths.  This isn't to say that being controlling is a positive character trait, but that being in control of our own thoughts and actions is.

...So as individuals I feel that it's most important that we maintain our own controls so that we can continue to grow toward this common purpose as humans and expand our future of happiness.  As communities or nations and even as a world, we should respect the things that individuals choose, practice healthy personal restraints, and encourage worldwide understanding of truths that we have proven time and time again are positive toward the expansion of things that we cannot change...Never stop searching for the truth, but also don't get discouraged when you don't find it.  It'll always be out there waiting to be built upon, reinforced, and shared.

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