Resume Workshop and Networking Tips

Being an executive board member of IU's Public Relations Study Society of America comes with many perks. One of them is being able to attend all of their helpful workshops and speaker sessions. Over the past two weeks, we've had a resume presentation and a networking presentation. 

Both of these sessions were extremely helpful. Here are some tips that every IU student should know if they want to improve their resume, network, and skill set before they graduate.

Resume Presentation Tips:

  • Only have an "objective" section if it's required
  • Two headings you must have no matter what are "education" and "experience"
  • Never just use the word "experience." Make it specific, such as "journalism experience" or "communications experience." Let them know ahead of time what they'll be looking at
  • Put your GPA down only if it's above a 3.0
  • Spell out your degree: Bachelor of Arts
  • Cater your experience sections to the specific job you're applying for; make sure everything is relevant
  • Put your most relevant and recent experience on top
  • When you explain your experience, use accomplishment statements to tell what you did. Use action verbs such as "organized" and "initiated." Anything but "responsible for"
  • Know your audience. Talk to professionals in the field and ask what skills stand out on a resume

Networking Presentation Tips:

  • Learn as much software as you can while you're at IU
  • Intern in cities you eventually want to get a job in so you can get a feel for the city and lifestyle
  • Use the IU Alumni Database to find Hoosiers in the cities you're looking at
  • Connect with future employers on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • It'll take around 6 months, typically, to find a job after graduation
  • Roommates help with rent tremendously
  • It'll be cheaper in the end to get a lifetime membership to the IU Alumni Association
  • Google search yourself - clean up your online profiles before applying for jobs
  • Get business cards and bring them to networking events

Make sure you use these tips wisely! Good luck, Hoosiers!

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Hi! I'm Tori. I'm currently a sophomore majoring in journalism with specializations in public relations and digital and interactive media-journalism. I'm also pursuing two minors, one in communications and culture and one in psychology. I'm the spring General Assignments Editor for the Indiana Daily Student as well as one of the 2013-2014 Co-Directors of Programming for the IU Public Relations Student Society of America. I'm also the spring Public Relations Intern for Astonish Media Group, LLC. I'm a proud Ernie Pyle Scholar and Hutton Honors College mentor and host. I like pleasant weather, good books, movies, music, school, traveling, penguins, and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Go Hoosiers!