So, some of you may be wondering why an International Studies major like me ended up in Bloomington, Indiana, a place most people in the international community would struggle to find on a map. I know it's true, you know it's true.  It's so true that when I was in Japan last summer, I told people I was from a city "right next to Chicago."  I mean, it's at least the same general region, right?

No, "Bloomington" doesn't usually translate to "International Hub," but on any given day I hear at least four different languages.  I have met students from places like China, Korea, Holland, and the United Arab Emirates. I've been taught by professors from Japan, Malaysia, Greece, and Sweden.  I've eaten at restaurants serving Indian, Tibetan, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Mexican, and Korean cuisine..

Sorry, now I'm just listing countries.

But you get the idea.  No, it's not New York.  It's not LA.  And though some people in Japan might think so, it is not Chicago.  But Bloomington provides countless opportunities to engage with foreign culture in a meaningful way.  To become friends with someone born halfway around the world.  To learn what a country and a culture is like from people of that country and culture.  Not to mention the chance to study abroad and see these things firsthand. 

So forget images of a typical Midwestern college campus and see IU for what it really is: 


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