Time Warped: How Freshman Year at IU Flew By

There is only one month left of my Freshman year of college.  One month.  At the rate things are going, I'll be struggling to find my dentures in no time.  I don't feel like a year has passed since I decided to come to IU, since I graduated high school, since I last had to wake up at 6 in the morning.  Things are moving so fast and already I want them to just SLOW DOWN.  I want to lay out at the arboretum, I want to take a stroll through town, I want to take a three hour nap and wake up refreshed instead of frazzled and panicked.

One month.  Four weeks.  For some courses, that means I might have fewer than six class meetings left. 

But that's what I get for thrusting myself into things here.  They say time flies when you're having fun, I just didn't expect it to disappear!

It's easy to get into too much routine, where you start doing the same things at the same time, day after day, week after week.  But then when you add some variance and all of a sudden it's midnight on a Sunday, and you're week has flown by to be replaced yet another seven-day increment.

I feel like my year is slipping away, but part of me wants to kick it out already.

Summer swept in early this year.  It was in the eighties today.  It feels like I shouldn't be in classes anymore, rather, lounging by the pool or reading a book in the shade.  Annoying my parents at home because why won't I just clean up after myself?  I'm strapped for time but already wishing it would fly past sooner, make way for lazy days in the sun with no obligations, at least for a moment.

This weekend: My birthday. Passover. Easter.  Then: Little Five. Great College weekend or the Greatest College Weekend? What is Sublime with Rome? Next, Dead Week. Procrastinating. Studying. Cracked.com. Then Finals, and sweet, sweet freedom.

Cut up into these last four pieces, I want to know: where has my freshman year gone? Is this what it's like to get older?  Time just disappears, and suddenly you catch yourself saying, "It feels like just yesterday..." or "I remember when I was young..." to your disinterested grandchildren who just want twenty dollars?  

This past year felt like a minute; I wonder how many seconds I have left.

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