Partying and Spring Break

Finally spring is here. This means spring break, little 500, and no more coats, and a rapidly approaching summer! (I swear I'll upload real pictures once spring break is over).  Now if these events aren't enough to make you jump in joyous jubilation, then celebrate your Indiana Hoosier Basketball team's BUTT-WHOOPING of Purdue twice in one basketball season.  Or celebrate a happy "Hump Day" because it's the middle of the week. Celebration usually means parties, and there will be plenty of fun in the upcoming days of Spring Break 2012 (SBXII); however, there are some pros and cons of having a "Party in the USA" kind of night (whether at IU or wherever you go on SBXII):

Pro #1 "It was an awesome night, and I had a lot of fun," says everyone that goes to school here.

Con #1 You will regret a lot of things you did lasts night.  Be careful with things that most people would consider dangerous like incendiaries, nail-clippers, I dunno...

Pro #2 You will make new friends... Con #2 But you might never see them again because they go to school in Arizona or some other awesome place that is too far away. Thank God for Facebook/texting/Twitter, the Beamer/Benz/Bentley of the technologic world.

Pro #3 "I have a new tattoo/piercing!" Con#3 "Shit, I have a new tattoo/piercing!"  There's sometimes a person that ends up making this mistake or another more serious mistake such as breaking the law, and they will possibly live out the rest of their life without being able to forget it. Make sure your friends know before drinking that life-altering decisions while drunk are "no-no's". Or just let it happen and then light-heartedly make fun of them every now and then.

Also, the best advice I can give ladies and lads alike is to be safe.  There have been many incidents of missing people, and these happened because of carelessness or being alone. Try to keep a buddy system going, and keep each other honest with how much "fun" you can have in one night. As for me, I'll be relaxing on the beach with my best friends to look after me. Have a wonderful SBXII everyone.

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