Back to IU: From IUBB's Return to the Sweet Sixteen to Delta Tau Delta Philanthropy

I spent my spring break in Boca Grande, Florida; it's a small dot on the map, but everything it has to offer is the best.  Clean, not-too-crowded, beautiful.  Even though the water is freezing this time of the year, my friends and I swam everyday.  We also played basketball, fished, tanned, rode bikes, and saw a spring training baseball game nearby between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Miami Marlins.

Although spring break was very enjoyable, I am glad to be back at IU. One of the reasons is that MARCH MADNESS has finally favored the Cream and Crimson of IU. I am so happy for our Indiana Hoosier Basketball team, and I would rather be no other place while supporting them (unless I had tickets to all of their games). I hope everyone goes wild Friday night whether you are a student, parent, or alum because Hoosier basketball is finally back on the map.  I hope we can win BANNER #6 this year, but it will take the combined efforts of the students of IU to keep up the HOOSIER HYSTERIA.

Also, I would like to advertise about philanthropy on campus. If you've never heard of philanthropy before, then here is a definition...

"Philanthropy: the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes; charity".  Thank you

So I'll cut right to the chase. Delta Tau Delta Fraternity supports a philanthropy called In an Instant, which is showcasing the dangers of drunk driving and other unsafe driving tactics. This will take place Wednesday, March 28 from 1-5pm on the TUNDRA between Foster Quad and Sigma Nu. Come anytime during the philanthropy because there will be an EXTREMELY cool presentation involving real cars and actors (who won't be harmed). There also will be booths with information about how bad drunk driving is.

Have a safe weekend supporting your Indiana Hoosiers, and enjoy the Little 5 Quals! -Stephen

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