Summer at IUB: To Stay or Not To Stay?

Since today is a BEAUTIFUL day here in Bloomington and since it seems that everyone's mind is on the fantastic weather ahead, I thought that it would be appropriate to talk about summers in Bloomington. 

STAY FOR THE SUMMER! I have never talked to anyone who has ever regretted staying in this amazing town for a summer. Last summer, I worked as an Orientation Leader which required me to live on campus for seven weeks and I would say it was the best experience of my life! The summer here has so much to offer. While there is the option of staying and taking classes, by no means is that a requirement. There are always opportunities in Btown to get great college jobs or college internships.

When I think of college I think of days laying around with friends and having the time of your life. If you've ever heard the song Keg In The Closet by Kenny Chesney then you know exactly what I am thinking about! During the summer those ideas can become a reality every single day! You absolutely don't have to ask me twice if I'm going to stay again this summer. The town dies down but there is still that at home feeling that Bloomington is known for. There are rarely bad weather days and the IU Outdoor Pool helps to keep everyone cool in the heat. 

Now I'm sure you get my point by now but let me just say it one more time, Bloomington, IN in the summer is AMAZING!!

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