Get to Know Me!

Hello! Thanks for stopping in to read my blog.

First things first, my name is Ellen Crilly and I am a Sophmore studying Telecommunications with minors in Communications & Culture and Business. I am passionate about filmmaking and television production! I come from a town called Munster, IN which is about 30 minutes south of Chicago. There are tons of other students from my town who go here but I have found plenty of ways to make new friends who I wouldn't trade for anything!

I haven't always loved Indiana University like I do now. I had visited Indiana when I was about 14 and I hated it. I came in the summer when there were no students on campus and it was hot! Extremely hot!! And I was miserable! I spent that whole day whining and complaining about the heat that I didn't take the time to actually look at IU's campus, and I sure did miss a lot! Once I started looking into colleges my Junior Year of high school, IU was not on the top of my list. My mom dragged me to the campus but I cannot explain how grateful I am now.

Indiana University is one of the most amazing places I have ever been! It is a community in which I feel welcomed and safe. There is truly something for everyone and not a day goes by that I don't talk to someone new!

I would absolutely look into Indiana University. They have a wide array of outstanding majors for everyone! I'm sure if you give it a chance you will see that it really is a magnificant school. There is no other place i'd rather be!

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