Bloomington Hot Spots: From Campus Housing to Ami Sushi

It's been awhile, blog. 

I've just been enjoying the summery weather, good-smelling apple blossoms, and a strange but refreshing lull in the amount of homework. I'm going to talk about two completely unrelated things: housing and a restaurant! :)

1. Housing! I was just talking to a person from my high school who will be beginning his freshman year at IU next semester. He applied for housing in Collins at my suggestion, so I thought I'd talk a little about housing, since it's definitely that time of year. 

Obviously, as a 2nd year resident of Forest Honors Residential Community, I'm a huge fan of living in honors dorms in the Southeast area of campus. It's close to music performances at the MAC, Simon Hall, and the IU Auditorium, and it is also close to most classroom buildings. I love the people here: lots of musicians, lots of smarties, lots of fun people.

Collins is similar, but it's closer to the psychology building, art school, and journalism department. It also looks a little like Hogwarts. 

I don't know much about Northwest neighborhood, but they have the Crimson Creamery, which is excellent ice cream that you can get with meal points. The neighborhood is also right by the SRSC, if you're sporty but lazy and don't want to walk far to the gym. 

Central is central, so great location for classes, but I don't know much else.  

Most importantly, you end up wherever you end up, and anywhere you live is what you make it. So apply for housing, live anywhere, and leave your door open to meet people! Freshman year is the most important time to get over shyness and go for it. Here's me looking pasty and disheveled outside behind my dorm. Meet me. 

2. Food again. I went to Ami for the first time yesterday, and I'm definitely adding it to the list of Bloomington hot spots. It's a sushi place on 3rd street, right by Mother Bears, but they have delicious cooked stuff too if sushi isn't your thing. It's affordable, as far as sushi goes, and they have great outside seating if it pleases you. I love sushi. 

Have fun, everyone. I hope you found this unrelated content useful. 

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