Tips To Make It Through A Couple Of Rough Weeks Of Homework And Finals

I have two weeks and two days left of my sophomore year. It's crazy, and it also seems like a very short time to fit in everything I need to do. 

I just registered for next semester, and it looks like my schedule is exactly the way I wanted it. Yes! But how do I survive two 8-12 page research paper, a 6-pager, and two other finals to make it to the summer and the glorious junior year? 

Right now the answer seems to be one day at a time. One nap at a time is also a good method, if you have a spare 20 minutes.

This fox demonstrates a nature nap.

Here are some tips to make it through a couple of rough weeks of homework and finals. I plan to use all of these methods. 

1. Organize first. Organization takes so long that sometimes that's the only thing you get to. Try keeping a large calendar or a student assignment planner to write down your most important papers and tests. I keep sticky notes for each class that list the things I need to do that night. Once you can't be any more organized, you pretty much have no other choice but to actually start working.

2. Eat. Sometimes I forget to eat when I'm working on something. Then I eat at 10 pm. Then I can't sleep. Try to eat at basically normal meal times, and eat as healthy as possible, even though cheesy bread often sounds like a good idea at midnight.  

A wise man once told me that a single, tasty, and healthy apple gives you twice as much energy as a full cup of coffee. 

3. Calm down! Pretty much any situation can be turned into stress relief. Make sure you try to exercise, even if that means just walking or biking to class. It pays off when you have enough energy to get through the day. Look at pretty things; they are nice and make people happy. Massage yourself. Massaging your own shoulders, neck, head, and feet is a great way to relax your body without taking your eyes off the books. Smile and laugh. If it isn't completely genuine, even fake smiles and laughs release happy endorphins. Listen to music or dance. Just take things one step at a time. 

4. Talk to your professors. I just finished a Red Cross course at the SRSC, which was taking up ALL of my time each night. I let my professors know my dilemma, and they let a couple of my assignments wait until the end of the week. They've been exactly where you are. 

5. Stop when it's stopping time. You know when it's stopping time, even if you don't want to admit it. It's when you aren't retaining information anymore, your eyelids are sticking together. Maybe you are even getting emotional or physically tense. Just go to bed! If you were studying right before sleeping, chances are you'll soak up that study sesh in your dreams. A B+ and being healthy is better than an A and being in the hospital. It happens. 

6. Move around. If you can't focus, move. Go to a different floor in your dorm, a different room in your house, or a library. Beds aren't the best place to stay awake and study. 

7. Two weeks and two days!!!!!!!!

8. Little 5! 

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