Freshman: Class Registration at IU

Just a few things about registering for classes. If you're lucky enough to have gotten some of your core classes out of the way with AP or dual credit in high school, it's possible you may have some room in your schedule Freshman year. If you just don't know what to take, and you want to take something fun, here are a few options. 

1. Collins Colloqium Courses! You don't have to live in Collins to take these courses. They have very specialized courses like hiking and edible plants courses. I took a class about musicals and how they affect and reflect American history and society. It was super fun and counted as an A&H elective, plus I got to see a musical in Indianapolis with my classmates and professor. 

2. Something outside your major! If you're already ahead on core, it doesn't hurt to take a class outside your major. I didn't choose my major until the end of Freshman year, so I took courses in a variety of interests. Even after I became an English and German major, I took an Archaeology course, and I ended up picking up an Anthropology minor! It's good to have some extra knowledge to throw out in an interview or professional situation. 

3. Upper level math! (Not that fun) Sorry to say it, but math really helps for anything. I did well in AP Calculus in high school, so I wasn't required to take any math courses at all at IU. Now that I'm in Junior year, I've gone too long without math, and I don't remember a lot of the Calculus that I learned 3 years ago. I really wish I had at least continued through the next level of Calculus for my own self-enrichment. What a dork! (My Physics/Math/Sciences major friends have all passed me!)

If you don't know who this is, take more math. 

4. Don't be afraid to change your schedule. Sure, it's stressful to drop or add a class, but if you don't care about a class that could be easily changed, take one you care about. You'll score better in a class you care about, or in a class with a professor you enjoy more. Take advantage of the grace period at the beginning of the semester when you can still change your classes free of charge. 

5. Sometimes is full of a bunch of whiny students who don't give brilliant professors credit. Don't let a professor's website rating completely change your schedule. I suggest talking to upperclassmen who are decidedly not whiny and who know the professor. Honestly, I've never looked up a professor on ratemyprofessor, and I've never doubted any of their knowledge in a course. 

Have fun!

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