Food, everybody.

Just went to Finch's Brasserie for the first time yester-evening. It's right on Kirkwood underneath Campus Candy, and it is almost invisible with its tiny sign. I'd say that on a scale of 1 to good Bloomington restaurant, it's a beautiful Bloomington restaurant. It's a part of Slow Food, which is a Bloomington organization that promotes local farming and sustainable food, so almost everything on the menu is made with local goodies. I had local largemouth bass, which I loved passionately. My date had a pizza, which was huge and not expensive at all ($12). The atmosphere is warm and a really good example of the eclectic Bloomington feeling. It would be a cool place to bring your parents, if they like things like food that is delicious. It's also a wonderful date place, if you're going for classy and not super expensive.

Short post for tonight. It's Friday night, so I must abandon this computer and enjoy something in this lovely town, like probably frolicking in the freezing rain or more probably curling up and staying in.

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