Before I'm booted for not taking this seriously enough, I want to briefly submit to the readers and whoever clears these posts for presentation that I have plenty, PLENTY of good, legitimate, relatable material relevant to the college freshman, high school hopeful, recent grad, and even alumnus.

In short, I've "found myself" about four times since I've come to earn a degree here at IU, and I've been "sure" about my future each time and then some.  I've encountered too many new hobbies that felt a lot like new "life callings" to name here, but they'll be detailed and possibly recommended (free plugs for Bloomington businesses) in future posts.  I'll also detail what I've learned about being a successful student in a university environment in three and a half years here.  Trust me, though it may not seem so outright, I actually am pretty studious and know what it takes to succeed.  The best part is, it's free and accessible, the worst part is, it's not on your couch or in your TV.

Next week:  something more relevant.  Maybe a piece about why Eigenmann has a better food court than Wright based solely on the fact that they serve biscuits and gravy all day. Maybe not, because that's pretty much the whole piece.  I'll get back to you. 


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