Just an Introduction

Future loyal readers,

Don't kid yourselves, you will be.

I had a pretty good, about six hundred word vignette about my experience the night IU beat Kentucky typed into this page, but hit "Backspace," which apparently means "take my browser back a page," and not "delete the last character I typed," and lost it all.  Needless to say, I'm now extremely frustrated and too in need of sleep and interaction with something far more user friendly, I was thinking a book, to type it all out again.  Rest assured, I'll probably get around to it.  I may even edit it to be less NC-17, but in reality, probably not.  For now, know that I'm a senior here at IU studying psychology and looking forward to telling you a few stories you won't get elsewhere.  This isn't my resume.  This is IU, and so are we.


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