A Very Small Little 500 And The Year In Review

Alas, the year is coming to a close and so many things are going on. It's dead week now (the week before finals where projects/tests are supposedly non-existent) and everybody is pretty, well, dead. Little 500 is over, and the student body is tired--of school, of partying, of everything. My freshman year at IU is winding down, and it seems like it has just flown by. I've been meaning to post for a couple weeks now, but I'm just as busy as everyone else. Between working, term projects, my other two blogs (one a menswear Tumblr for fun, the other about IU soccer players for class), and socializing, I haven't had much time to do much of anything. I thought I'd do a bit of a year-end review with this post, as well as summarizing my very little Little 500. 

  • Little 500, as I assume most of you well know, is basically the biggest week of partying in collegedom. There are concerts, neon tank tops, booze, and (hopefully) some of the first signs of nice weather. Mine was one of the least exciting weeks probably. I had two major projects to work on during the week and though I did go out both Friday and Saturday night, the parties were probably the low point of my weekend. I also skipped the actual bike races, despite having friends in both the men's and women's races.  The highlights of my weekend were hanging out at my house with my girlfriend.
  • Speaking of my girlfriend, she adopted a bunny on Sunday named Nina! She's adorable, but a little crazy. I won't see much of her this summer but I'm excited to hang out with Nina in the coming years. I'm a big animal person and will be attending Rent-a-Puppy, an IU event, at Dunn Meadow on Thursday.
  • This Saturday, I'm going skydiving for cheap, courtesy of my dorm. RPS (Residential Programs and Services) is pretty sweet and they have really cool events so if you're an incoming freshmen, try to get involved and find fun stuff to do--like skydiving! I'm a little anxious, but definitely very excited. 
  • The day after, IU soccer ends its spring pre-season with a match against Mexico's Under-20 side. It's an annual matchup that always draws a huge crowd and has featured world superstars such as Javier Hernandez, who is now with Manchester United, play against the Hoosiers.
  • The last thing, which I have to wrap up with, is that this is definitely the year of Cody Zeller and IU basketball's return to prominence. No discussion about the University in 2011-2012 is complete without mention of the basketball team's resurgence, their popularity, and the impact the program has had on people throughout the University. I'm excited to be a Hoosier,  for next season, and the likely top-5 ranking that will greet the Hoosiers next fall. 

That's it for now! I'm planning another post about local eateries and hotspots, but if you're wrapping up school like I am, then good luck and maybe I'll see you next year! 

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