A Short Introduction: Jesse Bielasiak

Hello, good afternoon and welcome to weareiu.com. This is where I'm going to say a little bit about myself so readers can get acquainted with me and what I'm like. I don't really know what to say so I'll start with the basics: 

Me at StarbucksMy name is Jesse Bielasiak and I'm a freshman from Bloomington so you may call me a townie--it's a compliment not an insult. Though I've lived in Bloomington my whole life, I went to a boarding school just north of Boston for all four years of high school. I'm majoring in Journalism where I am also an Ernie Pyle scholar. I'm also interested in Art History and Apparel Merchandising as possible major/minor additions. I pretty much have no idea what I want to do with my life, even though I thought I did when I first came to IU.

My hobbies include looking at pictures of puppies on the internet, playing FIFA, watching IU basketball games and having a great time. I'm a big sports fan so I'm sure that will be a trend on my blog (come to the soccer games in the fall! They're amazing). 

My first semester at IU I spent doing typical freshmen things. I went out every night of Welcome Week, and then tried to settle into my new new life in this (sort of) new place. I'd already lived away from home and in dorms at boarding school so I probably did not have to adjust as much as many of my classmates, but it still took some time to get used to life at IU. Because of this, I didn't really do much my first semester. I took the typical 15 credit hours--including three Honors classes, which sounds much more impressive than it actually is. I was in a freshmen Journalism seminar with about 12 students, a literature honors class taught by an amazing, crazy SPEA professor, a course on the 60's and 70's, an Econ lecture at 8 in the morning with several hundred students and finally, French. 

I focused on my classes and didn't get involved much but this semester I've joined my dorm's judicial board, a student panel that helps in the disciplinary process when students in the dorm get in trouble for whatever reason. We try to make the process more educational than disciplinary and it's a cool thing to be involved in. But, my main activities include designing for the Indiana Daily Student, IU's award-winning daily newspaper, blogging for weareiu.com, and working in the Dean's Office at the College of Arts and Sciences. 

About the name of my blog: I called it The Pad because I chose to live in Briscoe (in Northwest) with a friend of a friend from Chicago. Briscoe was just renovated and basically, living here is like living in a hotel. Thus, The Pad. It's my base of operations but not my whole world. As a townie, I have lots of friends who live in houses and apartments off-campus, where you'll find me frequently. 

And that's about it for me. You'll learn more as I blog I'm sure, but please enjoy the blog and hopefully you will learn a little more about the University and student life here in Bloomington. Oh, and my favorite color is purple. 

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