Theater at IU (Yes, I Am Super Classy)

(The above scene is from the play South Pacific Performed right here at Indiana University!)

Hello everyone, since I last updated this blog I have had the opportunity to enjoy a theatrical performance here at Indiana University. More specifically, I was able to attend the musical South Pacific at the Indiana University Auditorium. While I do not attend plays on a regular basis, I am certainly no stranger to theater and I greatly enjoy it. Thus, when my girlfriend told me that she had received two tickets to the play as a present from her parents and asked me if I wanted to go, I jumped at the opportunity.

The musical South Pacific is about a group of American service men stationed on an island in the Pacific ocean during the Second World War. The play deals with themes of love and bigotry against the background of a world engulfed in conflict and uncertainty. It manages to portray serious themes while simultaneously maintaining an upbeat and fun vibe.

The play was put on by a professional theater troupe that was on tour. The performance was excellent. Furthermore, the IU auditorium, which I had only been in once before to see a comedian as part of orientation during welcome week (also a great experience), is an excellent venue. It is large, has a great lighting system, the acoustics are wonderful, and it is nicely furnished. The music, a large part of any musical, was great. Hearing the band orchestra play live was very enjoyable. The song and dance of the performers were excellent as well. The play lasted for three hours, and so, was a rather long performance. I enjoyed it thoroughly. 

I feel as if this experience represents one of the things that is so great about Indiana University college culture (a very important factor that you should look at when choosing a college). There is a massive array of cultural and social events here at IU and in Bloomington. If you enjoy theater, we certainly have that. If you like the ballet or music, that is available as well. Needless to say Indiana University Basketball is legendary and our sports teams are top notch. There is a vibrant social scene here as well, with various bars, restaurants, theaters, shops, and other such attractions all located within reach of an IU student. Whatever your interests are, odds are you can find it here in B-town.

See you soon,

Christopher Moore

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