The Study Abroad Special - Tips for applying to the Study Abroad Program

(Left: A Lovely Photo of Pontifica Universidad Catolica del Peru)

Hello my loyal followers and welcome to yet another edition my magnificent blog. The topic of discussion today will be IU's study abroad program. This past semester I have applied, and been accepted into a study abroad program run through IU at Pontifica Universidad Catolica del Peru located in lovely Lima, Peru. I will spend the fall semester (17 weeks) of next school year studying there. Now, you may ask, with the plethora of exciting and exotic locales that offer IU has study abroad programs, why did I choose this particular site? Well, my degree programs are Anthropology and Spanish. This program specializes in in both of those areas. There are a wide array of fascinating anthropology courses offered there, ranging from Amazonian Ethnography to Andean Archeology. Therefore, this site was extremely appealing for me. Also, in terms of the financial side of studying abroad, this site was very affordable and cost about the same as a semester here at IU. Therefore, I chose this program. Also, on an exciting side note there is a distinct possibility that I will blog for the Office of Overseas Study while I am abroad, and so, you will be able to experience twice the riveting content, fascinating facts, and hard hitting IU related material that you have come to expect from my excellent blogging.

Now I will tell you a little bit about the process of applying to study abroad here at IU. While at first the task may seem daunting, in reality, it is actually quite easy. First, you simply can go to the Office of Overseas Study website, look up the programs, their descriptions, and other important information, and choose one that you like. You can also talk with  various advisors here on campus in order to help you make the best decision. Next, you apply, which is quite easy. You simply must fill out some forms online, as well as solicit a few letters of recommendation, provide them with some documents, and give them a passport sized photograph of yourself. After this, you can submit the application for them to review. The next step involves a fairly relaxed and easy interview with the Office of Overseas Study and then, congratulations, you are accepted into the program! Next there are a few more documents to turn in, a 500 dollar down payment and a quick orientation meeting and you are pretty much done. Overall, the process is both easy and not particularly time consuming. I will be sure to let you know how my experience abroad goes!

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