The Lost Art of the Letter

Hello again fans. I'm sure that thus far you have spent your entire summer vacation deeply pondering life's most important questions. Namely, being the immensely popular individual that he no doubt is, how exactly does Christopher stay in touch with his multitude of friends, fans, and associates while away from Bloomington in the summer? Furthermore, exactly how does he plan on stay connected to campus life when he leaves to study abroad in the fall? Will he still be updating his magnificent blog while he is away or will I have to go 5 long months without his cleaver wit and razor sharp sense of humor? Well, fear not my friends for I have the answers you seek.

First, I will give you some advice on staying in touch with your friends during the summer, so that the bonds of brother/sisterhood that you form during the school year do not weaken whilst you are apart. While of course you can utilize social media sites such as Facebook and twitter in order to stay in touch, personally, I find these methods a bit impersonal, and think it is much better to augment them with a more personal touch. If your friends are in-state students, then the task can be as easy as scheduling a time to drive out for a visit or a cup of coffee. If your friends are out-of-state students, or even foreigners, then things can be a bit more tricky, thus, a creative solution is required.

It is for this reason that I would recommend utilizing the ancient and somewhat lost art of the hand written letter to stay in touch. Not only does this provide you with a venue to show off your beautiful handwriting and impress your friends, but it also shows them that you took the time to think of them, actually purchase a postcard or letter, write and address it, and mail it off to them. Aside from the benefits of of staying in touch, this method also provides you with the added boon of receiving interesting postage from all over the world. For example, one of my friends got a college internship in London, and so, sent me a postcard from London. Another one of my friends  who lives in Taiwan sent me a fascinating Asian postcard. My friends traveling through Europe this summer sent me rather unique postcards from Amsterdam and so on and so forth. Of course, in return they all received wonderful postcards from my home town of Indianapolis handwritten by your's truly.

Unfortunately, while I would love to hand write each and every one of you personal, intimate (not in a creepy way), letters about what I am doing while I'm away in Peru, that would require me to buy millions of postcards/stamp/letters/envelopes, and, unfortunately, at the moment I do not have the financial resources for that kind of thing. Fortunately, I will have access to the internet in Peru and so will be able to continue to provide you the same fair and balanced Chris and IU related news to which you have become accustomed.

Until next time,

Christopher Moore

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