Semester End Round Up Special!: The Program

Hello all, and welcome to the first of my final two updates about the semester I spend abroad in Lima. Since I last posted, I have returned safe and sound to the good old US of A. Before launching into another semester and contining to bring my readership the highest quality of IU related information, I will give you my final thoughts about both the IU Lima study abroad progam in genral, and of the city.

The IU program in Lima was, overall, quite easy to sign up for and very affordable. It is also quite different from most of the other study abroad programs operating in the city. While most of them have a group related aspect, having all of the students take certain courses (generally related to improving Spanish skills), and/or go on group outings, ours just sort of drops you off in the city, wishes you good luck, and sends you on your way. This can be a good or a bad thing. It most certainly does encourage you to be more independant and make friends with the natives and exchange students from other programs. Instead of going on pre planned group outings, we planned our own excusions when we wanted to travel around the country. Also, not having to take any specific courses for our program allowed us greater freedom in what courses we could take at the school.

Personally, I think that I would have preferred a different program, however, that all depends on what you want. I feel as though while another, less independant program, where I would have taken special courses with other members of the program and gone on group trips would definatly have made the trip more pleasent and easier, I would not have been forced to be as indpendant, which, was most certainly a growing experience.

Until next time,

Christopher Moore

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