Peru Part Two

Hello yet again my wonderful blog fans. I have now been in Peru for about two weeks and must say that thus far it has been a wonderful experience. If any of you have interest in a study abroad program, I would highly recommend pursuing it. I spent the past week getting oriented to the new school and meeting other exchange students. There are roughly 200 exchange students this semester at PUCP (the university in Peru at which I am studying), 8 of whom are from Indiana University. There are, however, exchange students from countries all over the world, from Switzerland to Japan. Overall they seem quite friendly and it is exciting to meet people from such different places.

Our orientation meeting this week was quite helpful. I learned where all of the buildings at the university are (the campus is nonresidential and quite small). I also got to meet a local student who I was paired with named Sergio. He is currently finishing his Law degree and spent the last year studying in Madison, Wisconsin. He has thus far been quite helpful in getting me situated here in Peru. I went to open houses for all of the departments that I wanted to take classes in (The School of Arts and Letters and The School Of Social Sciences), and was able to select classes to attend this week to try out before filling out my final schedule on the 27th. Currently I am planning on taking Amazonian Ethnography, Current Social Issues in Peru, Andean Archeology, and Cinema. The classes seem interesting and all have equivalency credits at IU.

It has not, however, been all work and no play for me here in Lima. I have had the opportunity this past week to go to a beach side neighborhood called Larco Mar with a few other exchange students. Here we were able to both enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of the area, as well as do some sight seeing. The area had a famous silver shop that, I must admit, was spectacular. There were also various interesting shops, including one that sold goods made from alpaca wool. Also, there were many lovely cafes and the food was delicious. I also had the opportunity to visit a local zoo called the Park of Legends with some fellow Hoosiers studying in Lima. Not only did it hold a wide variety of animals from all over the world, and all three of Peru's major ecological regions (the coast, sierra, and jungle), but it was also contained many impressive archeological ruins. The park was truly spectacular.

Today I had my first classes, and I will be sure to let you know how this week goes soon. I will be sure to upload some photos of my adventures as soon as the Peruvian internet stops being so incredibly slow.

Until Next Time,

Christopher Moore

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