Peru Classes Review: Social Comunication

Hello all, and welcome to the next update in my Peruvian course review special! In this edition I will be discussion social communication (comunicacion social). First off, I must warn any of you who plan on taking this class that it is a first year course here at PUCP. This means that the median age of your Peruvian classmates will be about 17. Thus you will feel sort of like you are sitting in on a high school course instead of studying abroad at one of the most prestigious universities in Peru. However, that aside the class was one of my favorites that I have taken here.

(And only partially because I got to pretend I was elf)

I will start by discussing the Professor, M. Veliz. He is a relatively young man for a professor (I'm guessing mid 30s) and very energetic. At times, in fact he can be overly intense and therefore come off as a little bit crazy (the Che Guevara beard, bug eyes, and shoulder length hair don't really help). I am not exaggerating this at all, the first impression that all of the students that I talked to came away with was the he was a somewhat eccentric. However, once you get over these slight peculiarities he is actually quite entertaining.  He routinely does stuff to shake things up if the class appears board, from shouting, banging on desks, or dancing around to better articulate an idea. He truly is an interesting character, showing up to class everyday in a tweed coat and wearing massive head phones (I never was able to tell what he was listening too), and gazing philosophically out into space. He was like every professor stereotype embodied in one man.

The structure of the class was fairly simple. The courses were taught in either large class rooms or lecture halls, depending on the day, and we attended two lectures every week. The teacher did not make much use of PowerPoint, but really didn't need it to hold the classes attention. Our grade in the class consisted of a final exam, a midterm, and a few quizzes. The assignments were generally readings that he had selected from a number of sources. Overall the class was much more interesting than I thought it would be when I signed up, and I ended up enjoying it a lot. The class was, however, a lot of work, and in order to do well you really did need to do all of the readings and keep up with assignments. However, you do learn a lot in this class and it is fun.

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