Peru Class Review: Cine

Hello, in this next update of the class review edition of my blog, I will discuss my cinema class. This was one of those courses that you go into, thinking that will be a nice, relaxing filler course for your schedule, and then find out, much to your dismay, that the subject is much harder than you at first thought. Alas, there is much more to the study of cinema than sitting back and watching movies.


                                      (What do you mean this isn't a serious scholarly activity?)

Yet again I will start my description by talking about the professor, Sebastian Prieto (what a cool name). He is also fairly young for a professor, and is really exactly what you would imagine were you to try to picture a cinema professor in your mind's eye. He comes to class everyday in jeans and a dark leather jacket. He wears glasses and brings his papers to class in a hip man-purse. He was also the best professor that I had here. He came to class everyday prepared with a coherent and well structured lesson plan. He was energetic in his teaching style and did his best to hold his student's attention. He was also very accommodating to foreigners. Instead of making fun of or behaving in a condescending manner towards (like Ossio and to a lesser extent Veliz) he actively tried to accommodate us, making sure we understood what was going on in class seeing if we had any problems in the course.

As for the class itself, as I mentioned earlier it is quite difficult. The class only meets once a week, but each session is 3 hours long. During each session the professor gives a lecture and shows us a movie. The majority of the moves that we watched in class were Russian and eastern European, rather abstract, and difficult to follow largely because they were all highly "artistic." We did, however, also watch a few American as well as South American films as well. Our grade in the class was based on one midterm one essay, and the final exam. Thus, if you mess up on one you had better do well on the other two. As stated earlier, I found this class quite difficult (largely because I am not a particularly artistic individual), and did not particularly enjoy it. However, if you are really into movies and movie history, or really just art in general this would be a great class to take.

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