Peru Class Review: Antropologia Medica

Welcome to the last thrilling update of my Peru Class Review special! In this update I will discuss my Medical Anthropology class. This course was a seminar class that was taught by a public health worker/medical anthropologist. This class dealt with the harsh realities of public health in rural Peru. Alas, the health situation of rural Peruvians is quite grim, and class was canceled a few times when the teacher had to go out into the jungle to study/combat a disease outbreak among some isolated tribe.


                                          (Hehe, looks like we won't be having class today)

Once again I will begin by telling you about the teacher. As mentioned earlier, he is public health worker here in Peru specializing in the health of indigenous peoples. He is therefore highly knowledgeable about the topic, and has a lot of real world experience to share with the class. He is very friendly as well, with a cheery disposition and an easy smile. He furthermore does his best to accommodate the foreigners in his class. He even offered us the option of writing our final and midterm projects in our native languages if we so chose. He is a very kind a pleasant character. That being said, he is a pretty awful professor as well. Due to him having to balance teaching with his already demanding job as a public health worker, he really did not have time to teach the class. Thus he always seemed tired, was never prepared for class, and routinely canceled classes. He also really just wasn't that good of a teacher in general.

The structure of the class is as follows. We met for lectures once a week, for three hours. The classes consisted of the professor talking to the class the the aid of a PowerPoint. Our grade was based on a midterm project (a five page essay), and a final project (the same). The class was most definitely not difficult, and at times what we learned was very interesting. I would, however, not recommend taking this class as it was rather poorly done.

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