Summer Round Up for an IU Student!

Hello again one and all. In this exciting update I will finish telling you of my summertime exploits. One of my main activities this summer has been taking finite mathematics online and at a local community college. Due to the fact that I transferred to IU last year from Notre Dame, the course that I had taken freshman year for math (statistics) at ND counted as science, and not math here at IU and left me in need of fulfilling my basic mathematics requirement. Thus, l decided to get the class out of the way this summer to free up room in my schedule. This was actually an excellent decision. I could work through the class more or less at my own pace and did not need to go to the local community college campus except to take tests (two in total over the course of the summer). If you ever find yourself in need of freeing up room in your schedule, I would highly recommend looking into summer courses, either at IU or closer to home.

Also, in my never ending quest to add let another layer of skill and competence to the suave and debonair onion of mystery that is me, I decided to get Open Water SCUBA certified this summer. The class, thus far, had been quite fun. I got study materials from the program that I signed up for, and the use of their equipment during the training sessions. So far, we have met twice at pool in southern Indiana in order to practice skills in confined water dives. This Saturday and Sunday I will finish the course and earn my certification after completing dives at a local quarry. I will be sure to let you all know how it goes.

(Basically What I do to unwind)

Also, this summer I worked at a warehouse close to my house. While not a particularly enjoyable job, I felt lucky to have been able to find one, due to the fact that most of my friends are currently unemployed. I am sure they could not resist hiring me after seeing that I am a student at the prestigious Indiana University.

Aside from that I have begun gathering supplies for my semester in Peru. Furthermore, I have been reviewing fascinating facts about Peruvian culture and history in order to impress the locals. Overall I would have to say that this summer has been quite productive and worthy of an industrious Hoosier..

Until Next Time,

Christopher Moore

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